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Your Antioxidant Fiber Source 



Pecan Shell Flour

Ground to 325 mesh and 

Optimized for Total Dietary Fiber Content (80+%)


Pecan Shell Flour – RS

Ground to 325 mesh and optimized for maximum antioxidant content.


Nutritional Data, specification sheets, and SDS available upon request.










The Shell of the Pecan

Pecan Shell, like the skins of blueberries or grapes, contains beneficial polyphenols. The hard shell keeps the pecan meat from aging; it meets this objective not just because it’s a hard coating, but more so because it is full of antioxidants including Resveratrol.  And what’s truly amazing is there is no digestion of plant cells required to access the antioxidants in the Pecan Shell.

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Polyphenols  |  Resveratrol  |  Antioxidants  | 

Gluten Free  |  Grain Free  |  non-GMO  | 

Easy on Digestive Tract  |  Sustainable Regenerative Farming

Pecan Ready for Harvest

The Fiber Resource of the Pecan Shell

Starting at the tree, it is noted that the nut is inside a protective green husk up until harvest. Inside this husk, the shell is protected from any environmental contamination from the air; in addition, the complete fiber structure of the pecan tree (from the roots up the trunk and out the branches) provides excellent filtration for any ground contaminants. At harvest, the husk turns brown and opens up revealing the pecan nut. No pesticides or fungicides are used during harvest time. The result is a very clean, virtually pesticide free antioxidant fiber resource.

pecan shell micro.jpg

A Very Unique Fiber

The Shell of the pecan is composed exclusively of fiber cells called sclereids. These are highly lignified cells with an open pit canal network and central cavity. A main characteristic of sclereids is that they are dead at maturity. The beauty of this: when a pecan falls off the tree, the fiber making up the shell is already dead; thus, there is no decay resulting from the death of living cells. The particle shape of sclereids are a more rounded oval shape. When the shell is ground to individual sclereids (pecan shell flour), this results in particles that are free flowing. The rounded oval particles are easier on a digestive tract than typical high aspect ratio fibers that are elongated and can be jagged.


A Beautiful Resource

The great value is explained in the open pit canal design that does not require digestion of fiber to contact the antioxidants. A liquid (such as digestive fluids) can flow through and extract the antioxidants. Research found in the “Studies” section shows just how efficient this process is.

Microscopic image of typical sclereid cells illustrates the open pit canals and central cavity (green dye). 


and USES

Tremendous Usability & Functionality

Coconut Chocolate Ball

Bakery, Cookies, Cakes, Pancake & Waffle Mixes

Has nature unveiled the perfect paleo/keto ingredient for baking goods and baking mixes?  Pecan Shell Flour, like Cocoa Powder (both botanically classified as drupes) blends extremely well and results in a smooth mixture.  This allows for a “healthier”, antioxidant fiber-rich chocolate product that provides satiety.

Baking Goods & Mixes
Chocolate Bark
Snack Foods & Bars

Protein Bars, Energy Bars, Meal Replacements & Snacks

Pecan Shell Flour is an excellent ingredient for meal replacement bars, energy bars, protein bars and other clean label snack foods that are taking the market by storm.


Neutral in flavor, high in antioxidants, and smooth blending capability make Pecan Shell Flour an easy ingredient to work with.  


Nutraceutical and Supplement Powdered Ingredient

Studies show Pecan Shell Flour is high in antioxidants (Cellular Antioxidant Assay), and more antioxidant rich than most common berries. Regarding toxicity, Pecan Shell Flour has a 50% higher NOAEL than sugar beet fiber, corn bran fiber and barley fiber.

Nutraceutical & Supplement
Cellular Antioxidant Assay (1).png
Fruits and Oatmeal Breakfast

Breakfast Cereals and Snack Foods

The Shell of the pecan is a great source of “Healthy” fiber and antioxidants.

Breakfast Cereals & Snacks
happy dog.jpg

Clean Label Pet Foods and Animal Feed

Pecan Shell Flour has been used for over 10 years in cat and dog weight management formulations and cat hairball formulations. 


Today's market demands high-nutrient, sustainable ingredients for clean label pet foods and animal feed.  The Flour of the Pecan Shell is your perfect fit for a highly functional ingredient that delivers modern label requirements.

Pet Foods & Animal Feed




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