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Southeastern Reduction Company 

Engendering customer trust through transparency!


Food traceability is the ability to track a given food or ingredient from its source (e.g. farm) through harvesting, manufacturing, warehousing and transportation to a customer. Our part in Traceability adds a significant portion to the food safety chain for those looking for “Farm to Table” or “Farm to Pet food bowl”.

Tracebility in Harvesting

The pecan industry has one of the best programs that is virtually 100% traceable. There are 2 sources for pecans –

1. Directly from the grower (majority source), or

2. From “yard pecans” (small percentage) - this is where someone may bring in small lots of pecans grown in their yard to sell to a consolidator.

Our consolidator supplier requires all persons selling “yard pecans” to register and be assigned a specific number. This allows traceability back to a specific person. 

Traceability in Warehousing & Transportation

Pecan Shell Flour is stored in an ambient temperature warehouse. Shipping involves a documented truck inspection before transit to our customers.

Traceability in Manufacturing

Receipt of pecans at the manufacturers plant involves tagging lots of approximately 1,000 lbs. by weight, variety of pecan, and origin. Before pecans are cracked, processing involves a Hot Water Blanching which is 5+Log kill step. After cracking, the shell is separated and silo stored before transportation to the fine grinding facility. All parts of manufacturing have an environmental monitoring program. 

Image by Gabriel Jimenez


We exist to "Unveil the Value in Nature™" by educating others about why upcycled natural ingredients have incredible benefits and by offering antioxidant fiber products that are bioavailable and outperform other options.
   - Regenerative farming (perineal with no soil tilling) excellent carbon sequestration.
   - Sustainability is illustrated by the Producing life of a pecan tree: The harvest begins 7-10 years after planting and continues for up to 100 – 500 years.
   - Increase in tree plantings (increasing production) Example Pecan Crop in 1920 was 2.2 million lbs.  in 2022 Pecan Crop is estimated at 300 million lbs. 
   - Climate smart from Farm to Fork.

Innovation & Functionality

  • We envision a planet where the digestive microbiome in humans and animals is championed by natural ingredients.

  • Fiber ingredients are known to improve stool quality; an antioxidant fiber can offer the same benefits but on a faster time scale. The beauty of Pecan Shell Flour is that a digestive fluid simply flows through the particle to extract the antioxidant. This provides swift access without having to first digest fiber to obtain the antioxidants. Pre-clinical results show antioxidants in Pecan Shell Flour are 97+% accessible. Compare that to Blueberries at 47% and Cranberries at 43%. In vivo field trials in animals showed the ability to Improve stool quality in as little 1 day (newborn chicks, piglets and dairy calves).

  • Open pit canal allows release of antioxidants without having to digest any cellulose barrier

  • Natural insoluble fiber

  • Least irritative fiber (rounded oval particle shape)

  • Certified Upcycled Ingredient

  •  Human food grade FDA GRAS notified

Image by Michael Wave
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