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Unveil the Value in Nature


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pecan shell flour baking

Southeastern Reduction

We exist to "Unveil the Value in Nature™" by educating others about why upcycled natural ingredients have incredible benefits and by offering antioxidant fiber products that are bioavailable and outperform other options. Sustainability is illustrated by the productive lifespan of a pecan tree at 100 - 500 years.  Pecan trees are one of the more valuable species as a perennial for regenerative farming...


Pecan Shell Flour

Many natural ingredients have simply been overlooked.  Just as with most fruits, there are many nutritional benefits in the skin or covering.

So come take a closer look...

pecan shell flour

Unparalleled Goodness & Antioxidant Power

pecan shell flour bread
Bakery Applications
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Pet Food & Animal Feed
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Nutraceutical & Beverage
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