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Pecan trees are one of the more valuable species as a perennial for regenerative farming (meaning it has a positive effect on enriching the soil instead of depleting the nutrients). We seek to Unveil the Value in a Natural Ingredient upcycled from the sustainable resource of Pecan Shells. Additional value is achieved by processing the shell into a fine powder as an antioxidant fiber.


Southeastern Reduction Co.

Natural Fiber

Family owned and located in the heart of the largest pecan growing state, this division was formed in 1946 to process the unique fiber surrounding the pecan meats. Pecan shell provides a clean, natural fiber resource to make numerous products with beneficial properties, and that are safe for employees in a manufacturing setting. We think of Natural as a material that has no additives or chemical processes altering the physical state or leaving residues. Processing at our facility involves only size reduction. 


South Georgia Pecan Company

In 1913 the Pearlman family of Valdosta established a small shelling plant. In 1967, the company became a part of the Beatrice Food Group. With the breakup of Beatrice Foods in 1983, the current owners, the Worn family, purchased the company with a commitment to quality and service that has formed it into the industry leader that it is today. South Georgia Pecan Company is located in Valdosta, Georgia in the heart of Pecan Country. We are committed to producing safe, top quality pecan products for our customers and consumers.


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